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A free and stylish tool to create your own mind map diagrams
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Bookvar is your personal “mind organizer”. Based on the “mind map” concept, this free and professional tool will display an elegant diagram of your ideas. Create your own map by adding any number of topics and subtopics to a main concept, link them in any way you wish, add attachments, videos, images, and share your map on the web or on your Facebook page using a stylish presentation.

Mind maps are much more than simple diagrams – the organizational charts and organigrams we usually create to display a hierarchical or pyramidal structure lack both depth and the multi-dimensional approach we use to organize our own thoughts. The complex diagrams offered by mind maps are closely related to the brainstorming concept. Bookvar is a tool specifically designed to display, in a graphical fashion, the “organized chaos” in one's own mind.

The program starts with a central concept which summarizes the main idea of the elements we need to structure. From there you can add anything, in any order, and anywhere within the map to show how your (and your colleagues’) ideas link together. The program offers you all the tools you need to organize and add extra information to any topic. Except for the central topic, any other box can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the map. Besides, you can attach documents, images, movies, links, notes, and so on, to any of the topics or subtopics. You can connect, via server, to your friends or colleagues and let them add their own ideas to the diagram. The program will automatically reorganize and balance the map any time you need, and if you wish, it will even read it aloud for you in the right order.

Once the mind map is finished, the program can create a presentation that highlights each element in the structure. The resulting diagram can be sent directly to your Facebook page or shared with others in the web using a Sharepoint server.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent layout design
  • Flexibility - from the simplest organizational chart to the most complex mind map
  • Compatible with various multimedia formats


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